rock splitting

Rock splitting
Hydraulic rock and concrete splitter

rock splitting Hydraulic rock and concrete splitter

Hydraulic Rock Splitting 
420 Tonnes of Splitting Force in one hand

All this is made possible by the application of the wedge principle to the functional design of the machines.

Exceptional splitting force, up to 420 tons 
Dust free 
Almost noiseless 
Vibration free 
Easy handling and fully transportable 
Suitable for applications with restricted access 
Low maintenance 
Splits in seconds with complete control 
High accuracy


Hydraulic rock and concrete splitters come into their own in situations where conventional demolition which brings all the problems of dust, flying debris, vibration, exhaust fumes and noise, is ruled out.

In addition, hydraulic rock splitters are ideal in situations where large machines cannot be used such as demolition work in enclosed rooms, on difficult sites, in almost inaccessible places and even under water.

For controlled demolition used with wall saw or wire saws you have a partnership second to none.