On-site security management

Boulder Demolition/Concrete Demolition/Boulder Breaking/Concrete Breaking/Non Explosive/Non Blasting

Up and down the floor in the construction process to designate a person in charge of security at the same time, by cutting holes down the construction of non-parabolic cutting completed the formation of voids must be set to maintenance or enclosed with a bamboo fence, and set up a clearly marked.

The concrete lifting process designated person responsible for directing non-stop people lifting area.Most of the machinery and equipment used in the construction site using 380V power electricity, construction site must be safe electricity non random access Luanla. Electrical equipment is regularly checked.

Use of electrical appliances should be in strict accordance with the practices, all large equipment shall have a grounding device, the socket must bring air safety device.

Prohibit smoking in certain construction area. For hot work, must by the site owners and approved by relevant authorities, within the prescribed time flare up, flare site management personnel must be present.

Hydraulic Rock Splitter

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