Development of Hydraulic Rock Splitter
Hydraulic Rock Splitter for Concrete Demolition Rock Demolition Underwater Demolition

Hydraulic splitter is mainly composed of two parts: power unit and hydraulic cylinder. High pressure hydraulic oil will output through hoses from power unit, drive cylinder, produce a huge thrust force, drive middle wedge move ahead, pushing counter wedges distraction to both sides.
This processing need to drill one or more holes in the target object before cylinder working, and then put wedges into those holes, one cylinder one hole, when splitter work, wedges structure will release a huge splitting force, because rock has the character of brittleness, when the tension increases beyond the tensile strength of the material, a split will occur.
Recently most mine are exploiting still base on expansion chemical, some others are adopted blasting methods, compare to above traditional methods, hydraulic splitter has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, small size, light, big splitting force (single cylinder can reach 420T), working vibration free, impact free, noise free, split fast, efficiency, low cost, energy saving, and resource saving.

ROCK DEMOLITION----Darda Rock Splitter Hydraulic Splitting Cylinder