Concrete cutting craft procedure

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Concrete cutting craft procedure
Concrete cutting, drilling, cutting technology: diamond drilling, open a door in the wall, remove the concrete wall, and open holes in the cement wall, diamond drill cut engineering (drilling machine, disc cutters, large wall cutting saw hydraulic excavators, hydraulic wire saw, hydraulic force crack, hydraulic clamp demolition). construction technique.

Craft Profile:
Concrete cutting is the method of water-cooled diamond rail cutting machine open hole in the concrete, demolition, it has advantages of fast speed, noise free, vibration free, good quality, there is no impact on the building structure, the most advanced technology of construction to replace the electric hammer, breakers, artificial brazing playing vibrations larger machines.
Concrete drilling use the diamond water rig is widely used in the drilling of concrete pipes, extra-thick cutting groups, with the construction of high precision, speed, no impact on the building structure.

Process characteristics:
The construction of high precision and speed.
Concrete demolition, no restrict from the construction site, the conditions of the environmental protection, duration and security reasons, compare to traditional after the dismantling of pluggers gas cutting or directional blasting construction method, which does not affect the surrounding normal traffic, short construction period, security coefficient advantages.

Cutting machine cutting is widely used in various types of concrete structural alterations, such as floors, walls, cutting opening.
Diamond rhinestones openings cutting is widely used in the drilling of concrete pipes, extra-thick groups, floor cutting.

Cutting position, actinomycetes → drilling process the hole (lifting Hole) → pre-hanging → cutting → Coagulation block lifting, carried away

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