Concrete static cutting features

Concrete static cutting features

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Low noise
Diamond tools cutting process, only the sound of grinding reinforced concrete, electro-hydraulic motor smooth operation throughout the construction shrill voice, the resulting volume can be controlled at less than 44dBA.

High-speed operation diamond tools with water-cooled  used in the construction process, and the iron filings and grinding concrete powder will be away carry away in the cooling water, no harmful substances , the cooling water can be reused after the recovery of the site.

High mechanization, less operators
The static cutting is the lowest labor intensity mechanized operation in the dismantled areas, , its technical content has been far beyond the concept of traditional mechanical crushing, is the best solution of the more recognized international structure conserved removed. On the other hand, in certain operating level, not only its construction efficiency, and the operator can be greatly reduced, there is conducive to the improvement of the overall economic efficiency.

Non-destructive removal of construction technology safeguards
Nondestructive demolition program to retain the structure of the safety significance, its technology lies in the construction process in the correct implementation of the construction process and reasonable arrangements for the construction process. Should first choose the good performance of the machinery and equipment, and right to choose the diamond tool performance level and how much of the content of internal reinforcement for concrete grade, the only way to ensure the successful completion of scheduled tasks in the control period period.

Technical support
The construction process, the company will be determined according to the planned work period goal tasks, combined with optional static cutting program to send a certain number of experienced excellent professional technicians and professional workers in the operation, the project management team under the leadership of the organization program implementation.


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