Floor cutting

Per small piece is not more than 500 kg principle of cutting, after cutting of the concrete blocks are unloaded on the floor or on the ground of the next layer.

According to the requirements of design drawings, determine the cutting area, to eject desired cutting edges in the floor surface with the ink line, slab sub-block size is then determined according to the lifting equipment, for 1.5m × 1.5m or so.

Clean cutting area venues, including the ground architectural and decorative garbage clean-up, the impact of cutting various pipeline (wind pipe, conduit, rainwater pipes, etc.).The floor surrounding the horizontal push electric cutting machine, the intermediate portion by expansion bolts to the orbit of the small cutter fixed to the surface of the plate being cut, cut block.

The main structure of the floor before cutting produced with steel lifting gantry hanger fixed on beams. Want to cut the floor plate drilling machine evenly drill four holes, through the wire rope, and then divided into side hanging on the hook at the two chain hoists, lifting concrete cutting gourd rack hanger.
Taut chain hoists, its full force;
The use of reinforced concrete cutting machine, equipped with specialized personnel to guide the construction.

Cut after two chain hoists lifting gently cutting good floor to a lower floor or ground.