Column cutting

Hydraulic Cutting Saw for Concrete Cutting Road Cutting Building Wall Cutting Window Cutting Door Cutting

The horizontal direction of the cutting column connected 5T chain hoists, so that the cutting column uniform force, holding column balancing.

To maintain a balanced state with φ100 rhinestone truncation of 4/5 column, retention column dumping side of the bar as the fulcrum.

To be operated, workers in three different directions gourd position ready to hoisting, lifting three operatives also retractable gourd, to maintain the balance of the column gourd tightening of the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd gourd at the same time relax , and so on until the column tipped the prepositioned waste tires, and then cut off the reserved reinforced.

In the floor with φ100 diamond column Sectional hydraulic forklift segmented column is transported to the lifting position, the use of cranes winched to the ground broken.


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