Beam cutting

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Concrete Breaking
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The preparatory work for the same cutting board.

The installation of temporary support. Due to cutting original structural beams truncation, the remaining beam segment must install temporary support to ensure the safety of the structure. The support material used in the steel, etc.. Specifically: the measure is slightly shorter than the beam bottom clear height steel pipe, the two weld 10mm steel plate, the upper end of the steel plate with expansion bolts anchoring the bottom of the beam, the lower end of the wedge plug firmly support away from the cutting line about 800mm.

Playing in the upper beam cutting beam 2 Ф12 expansion screws, hang 12mm thick iron plate to do the lifting point, do a total of two, and then each put on a 3-ton chain hoists.The wire rope set into the to be demolished beam both ends, and then hung on the chain hoist hook, and tighten the gourd.

The use of reinforced concrete cutting machine, equipped with dedicated personnel in beam removal of both ends of the positioning line cutting. Cutting good beam light discharge to the ground, lay down the beam with Pluggers or artificial decomposition into blocks and then sent to the floor.


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