Environment factor of quarry 2
2 The open-pit mining damage forest vegetation.
Open pit mine will occupy and destroy a large area of ​​land and vegetation, causing soil erosion, it will affect the original natural ecosystem, it is difficult to restore its ecological environment in a short time.
Years of exploitation in the mining area, the mountain has been devastated a large area and ​​the ground is bare, lost not only unsightly beauty, in the dry season is dusty, serious air pollution.
3 Long-term pumping destroy groundwater systems.
Due to a large number of the mining process and long-term pumping groundwater, it will inevitably lead to a significant decline in regional groundwater level, the destruction of the balance of the groundwater, resulting in surrounding watercourses stream drying up, wells without water, seriously affected the normal production and living water.

4 Years of mining triggered geological disasters.
The most serious geological disasters is ground deformation, mainly for ground goaf collapse, land subsidence, and surface cracks. Coal mines due to years of underground mining, the formation of ground subsidence pit group, seriously affect the life of the mine area surrounding residents.
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