Environment factor of quarry 1
Mining development is like a double-edged sword, it promote economic development, but at the same time, mining is also bring people environment damage, especially a lot of small mine companies because of the small scale, backward technology, extensive mode of exploitation, resulting in a waste of resources and environmental pollution, bring people great harm in lives and health.

1 "three wastes" environmental pollution
Surrounding soil, water quality, atmospheric pollution caused by waste clinker, waste water and waste gas.
In relatively concentrated areas of slag piled, rainfall carry harmful ingredients directly into the soil, resulting in long-term pollution. Beneficiation waste water containing copper, zinc, cadmium and other heavy metals and toxic elements, it  flow away from the channel, caused by heavy metals exceeded the region, resulting in farmland can not be cultivated. Waste gas from building materials mining, the mine dust generated during the mining, sulfur dioxide from mineral processing, resulting in atmospheric environment has been polluted to varying degrees around the mines. 
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