Applications Of Hydraulic Rock Splitter
1. Reinforce concrete basement/structure demolition or transformed
Hydraulic splitter with huge splitting force, widely use in varies reinforce concrete(such as steel furnace, heavy equipment, tower cranes, dams, hydraulic construction, hydropower, bridge piers and other demolition and partial reconstruction.
2. Reinforce concrete road/wall demolition
Hydraulic splitter particularly suitable for demolition and transformed of strict control of impact and vibration (Such as airport runways, ancient buildings, highway, bridge decks, etc)
3. Indoor or narrow space reinforce concrete demolition
Hydraulic splitter has the advantages of light, small size and easy operation, especially suitable for inddor or narrow space dismantling operations(such as the subway, plant/buildings, tunnel)
4. Quarry
Hydraulic splitter has been widely used in marble, granite, sandstone and other valuable quarry mining. Compare to blasting or manual work, splitter is more safe, environmental protection, high-yield, saving cost.
5. Tunnels, channels and other rock digging
Under the situation of forbidden blasting, impact, noisy and waste gas in narrow space, (such as small tunnels, ditches rock clear, precise excavation of the bedrock in the hydraulic facilities, etc.). Hydraulic splitter has its irreplaceable unique efficacy.
6. Various rescue: earthquakes, mining accidents, road, etc.
7. Electrolyzer overhaul and kilns overhaul
The hydraulic splitter has been widely used in the metallurgy, cement industry overhaul engineering (electrolytic aluminum plant the electrolyzer carbon block cleared planing, steel mills, cement plants such as kiln refractory brick lining Clear)

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