Recommended to promote the scientific and orderly mining

Hydraulic Rock Splitter

Promote mining science orderly exploitation, actively prevent ecological damage to the environment, to offer you the following countermeasures and suggestions:

1. Scientific development, the effective protection of the ecological environment in mining. Increase the propaganda of the environmental protection of mines, based on mining resources, ore grade, mining conditions, integration of resources and scientific planning, the introduction of state-of-the-art mining equipment and mining technology encourages mining enterprises.

2. Strict access, effectively prevent the destruction of ecological environment in mining. Mining license approval before the mine geological environment protection program approval system, the implementation of the new tenements hearing system, strengthen the recovery and management of ecological environment in mining deposit system.

3. Actively governance, and restore the ecological environment in mining in a timely manner. To be included in mine environmental damage caused by the history of exploitation of persons responsible for the disappearance of the local ecological environment protection and geological disaster prevention plan shall be implemented; mine construction and production, in accordance with the "Who broke it who restored, who pollution who governance "principle, to take effective measures to control the" three wastes "emissions.

4. Strengthen leadership, efforts to strengthen the supervision of the ecological environment in mining. Mine Ecological Environmental Protection Work Leading Group recommended that the municipal government was established to increase the supervision and inspection of law enforcement, the establishment of the city, township and village levels mine ecological environment monitoring network and monitoring information systems.

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