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Product name : Wall Saw QM500
Item : QM500
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Hydraulic wall saw is a special tool for cutting hard materials such as reinforced concrete, rock, ceramic and brick wall, widely used in cutting concrete wall body in order to open a door in, a window, a ventilation hole, cutting off reinforce concrete bridge, column, building floor and stone processing, hydraulic wall saw is a very common equipment in transform, reinforce, bridge and tunnel industries.

  • Advantage
    Safe, fast and no damage to the building.
     Vibration free, low noisy, dust free and smooth.
    Strong power, mobile, wide cutting range and can set in any cutting direction.
    The hydraulic wall saw main unit moves in the tracks, speed is controlled by electric(hydraulic), cutting tolerance can be controlled within +/-3mm, bigger power, faster speed, cutting thickness is above 500mm.


Hydraulic Saw QM500 Specification
Rated Input 30HP(22KW)
Rated voltage 380~400 V
Max starting current 63 A
IP protection class IP 55
Weigh of power pack (include fuel) 230 kg
Power source type Hydraulic
Max. operating pressure 200bar
Min. cooling water supply rate 5l/min
Starting blade diameter 800 mm
Max. saw blade 1400mm
Fixing device 60mm
Max. cutting depth 62 cm
Weight of sawing head 35 kg
Rotatable arm 360
Operation method Hydraulic automatic
Recommended oil SHELL 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil
Storage temperature range -15~50°C

Hydraulic Wall Saw Is Working In a Metro Tunnel
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Hydraulic Wall Saw Is Working In a Bridge Deck
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Hydraulic Wall Saw Is Working In A Building
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