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Product name : Saw Blade JP500
Item : JP500
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Wall Saw Blade:

Our wall saw blade has 4 types: 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1400mm. using the imported welding material to manufacture, ensure long working life and best cutting character. Sandwich saw tooth improve cutting efficiency, better value.

We also supply diamond saw blades for other machines:
Diameter: 300~1800mm
Material: Baseplate 65Mn Steel and Diamond tool bit

Apply: Varies stone and reinforced concrete
Coated? Yes
Insert a layer of non-metallic electrically conductive material between two high-performance metal materials as the damping material, our silence diamond saw blade adopt spot welding method compound them as a sandwich blade matrix, good effect of reduce noise, cutting noise is 15~25dB lower than normal diamond saw blade, reached 89~92dB, high cutting precision, long service life, better flatness.

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