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Product name : Rock Drill
Item : YT28
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This lightweight tool is designed for drilling blast, anchor and rock-splitting holes. Used for example by contractors, armies and utilities who want convenient and efficient drilling without large compressors. 

Applies to middle-hard or hard rock wet-type drill
Convenience operation, easy mainternance, air-water linkage, flexible switch, concerned structure
Saving energy, long working life, reliable
High efficiency, good performance to blow and wash the drill hole, big bits turning moment force

YT28 type air leg rock drill is a modern rock drilling tool, it adapted new design technology, compare to similar product, it has advanteges of high efficiency, lower noise, lighter, more economical and fast speed down into the hole. Widely used in rock drilling works such as big or middle size mining moutain, tunnels, coal, railway, water project, infrastructure, defence stone engineering and more. The marketing occupancy in North Korea is above 70%. 

YT28 type air leg rock drill is adapted air-water linkage, air leg return fast, using pressure adjustment component. With special silence cover, can lower the noisy and change exhaust direction. The diameter of drill hole can be 34~42mm, drill hole deep can reach 5m. Customer can choose our FT160A air leg drill horizontal hole or tiptilt, or install in a stand or vehicle to work.

Weight 26 (kg) 
Length  661 (mm)
Cylinder dia  80 (mm)
Piston stroke  60 (mm)
Working pressure  0.4~0.5 (Mpa)
Impact energy  60.2 (J)
Impact frequency  >37 (Hz)
Air consumption  <81 (L/s)
Working water pressure  0.2~0.3 (Mpa)
Air pipe inner dia  25 (mm)
Water pipe inner dia  13 (mm)
Rock drill hole dia  34~42 (mm)
Rock drill hole depth  5 (m)
Shank size  22×108 (mm)
Air Leg Rock Drill YT28 Spcification
Handheld Air Leg Rock Drill for Rock Blasting Hole DrillingPnuematic Rock Drill Handheld

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