Product name : Hydraulic Expander
Item : STL181
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Hydraulic Expander for metal structure deformation, collapse vehicle face steel sheet

According to standard DIN14751, NFS61, GB/T17906

The tool combined functions of expanding, tearing and pulling. Material adopted aerometal, light weight, cutting performance strong.


Traffic accident rescue, earthquake disaster rescue

Move and lift barrier, pry gap and create a way

Make metal structure deformation, collapse vehicle face steel sheet


600mm opening distance can collapse steel sheet, create rescue way

Open and close cost less time, good for rescue

Dual hydraulic lock and auto reset control valve combination make operation safe. Autos lock function, can open at any position without retraction

Handle can operation from left or right, move parts with protect cover, make operator safe

Can choose chain for pulling job


Max expanding distance: 600mm

Rated work pressure: 63MPa

Rated expanding force: 42kN

Max opening force: 120kN

Weight: 17.5kg

No-load open time: 25s

No-load close time: 30s

Size (L*W*H): 750*280*190mm

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